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Achieve Success with SAP Solution Manager

Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager enables you to establish centralized Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). ALM-specific processes, tools, and functions in SAP Solution Manager help support the entire lifecycle of every application – from development through to operation. Learn about the benefits of SAP Solution Manager services and optimize your SAP solutions.

SAP Solution Manager Services Overview.

SAP Operations and Monitoring

In which areas could you optimize your IT processes and what can you gain from doing this? We support you, from analysis to implementation.

SAP IT Service Management

Become familiar with incident, problem, and service request management as well as managing knowledge articles and the service catalogue.

SAP Test Management

How effective is your test management setup? We show you how you can plan, develop, and perform tests more efficiently.

SAP Business Process Management

Maintain an overview of all processes and resolve any issues quickly. We show you what you can achieve with SAP Solution Manager and stringent business process management.

SAP Change Control Management

No changes are left undocumented: Seamless Change Control Management ensures that every requirement is implemented efficiently and in an audit-compliant manner.

Your Benefits

  • Improve the performance and resource allocation of your system landscape.
  • Reduce business downtime caused by technical systems issues.
  • Use the free SAP HANA database license that is available with SAP Solution Manager (from Version 7.2).
  • Use predefined and standardized ITSM processes with SAP Solution Manager.
  • Reduce effort and expenditure on IT administration with seamless integration of numerous processes.
  • Improve the reporting and transparency of your IT processes.
  • Increase transparency of software quality to avoid risks.
  • Actively participate in the quality control processes for your software.
  • Benefit from best practices for test management and quality control with predefined SAP solutions.
  • Improve your internal IT architectures with our services.
  • Utilize SAP Solution Manager to complete recurring tasks and to monitor your IT infrastructure.
  • Make tasks more efficient in your SAP system with our assistance.
  • Keep all software and configuration change control, ensure continuous quality improvement, and reduce risks.
  • Reduce time and expenditure for IT administration by seamlessly integrating different processes.
  • Optimize your reporting functionality and increase transparency of your entire IT infrastructure.

SAP Solution Manager at Bank für Sozialwirtschaft.

All in all, Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG has shown that in a company where SAP systems have long been in use and proven themselves, the SAP test automation solutions with CBTA can be used to quickly create robust and useful test scenarios. This takes the burden of recurring test tasks away from employees and adds real value to the company.
–Robert Töpper, IT Management, Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

Your Upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2!

We provide extensive consultation for your upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, covering every scenario. This includes the latest expertise on related solutions and technologies, such as SAP HANA or Focused Solutions for SAP Solutions Manager.

Our consultants are happy to answer any questions about SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and any related topics in a personal discussion.

Focused Solutions for SAP Solution Manager

Monitor and manage your large IT infrastructures with help from of a standalone solution for SAP HANA database-optimized solutions based on tools from SAP Solution Manager. We support you with our long-term experience in consultation and development with SAP Solution Manager.

Realize implementation projects in your SAP environment in an agile and efficient manner with SAP Solution Manager.

Create IT business dashboards in just minutes and add value to your departments.

Business Value

Rapid adoption of innovations throughout the entire product