Managed Cloud

Benefit from Secure and Transparent Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Qualifies You to Focus on Your Digitization.

Successively SAP solutions are becoming more complex and difficult. The range of applications is growing, as are compliance, scalability, and data security necessities.

As a qualified SAP partner, we support you with modified discussion, IT application, services, and operating models.

With our accomplished cloud services, you free up human and quantifiable resources so you can focus your full consideration on your core developments. You only pay for the services that you actually use. And since you do not need to make preliminary investments in structure, servers, or software, you decrease your IT costs.

An Overview of SAP Cloud Facilities

SAP Execution Cloud

With our SAP Execution Cloud, you can quickly and effortlessly launch your execution project. We ensure maximum security and dependability, right from the project phase.

Managed Cloud Service

Whether on premise, in a private cloud, or in our own Provider Cloud, you can choose an organization that is effortlessly tailored to your needs. Our Managed Cloud Facility makes it cost-effective, secure, and dependable.

Infrastructure Cloud

If you want to steadily host your data, the Structure Cloud is the ideal explanation for you. You decide which of our global data middles your data must be stored in.

Your Assistances

  • Fast and easily start your SAP implementation project.
  • Decrease the time needed for system provisioning and keep track of costs through the entire project phase.
  • Rely on our hosting service, which includes all project systems, through implementation.
  • Decrease the effort involved in running your IT by subcontracting your data center organization to a state-of-the-art intellect data center.
  • Maintain full slide over costs at all times, and flexibly adapt the services to your needs.
  • Quickly and easily appreciate projects within your digital approach thanks to virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Intensification transparency of software excellence to avoid risks.
  • Actively contribute to the quality control procedures for your software.
  • Benefit from best applies for test management and excellence control with predefined SAP solutions.
  • Free up your IT section by extending hosting to non-SAP systems.
  • Benefit from a single partner to preserve and monitor all your systems.
  • Use organizations in a secure situation, with dual data centers if obligatory.

Managed Facilities for SES in Luxembourg.

For years, intelligence has taken care of our SAP scenery. The association has always been unresolved, and we have developed a very close and trusting partnership. It’s clear to see that they are just as forward-thinking as we are.
–Renauld Chapellier, General Manager ERP Core Team, SES

Drive Digitization with Our Managed Cloud

The cumulative number of cloud solutions is giving IT department’s challenges. It leads to a progressively complex system landscape including many different cloud applications. Private cloud and hybrid cloud interact, and presenting services and cloud podia from Microsoft and Amazon are assimilated. Managing such multi-cloud situations is very complex and demands additional IT support.

While cloud providers ensure that resolutions keep running and are frequently updated, their services often end there. This gives a number of complicated tasks, such as user guide, application optimization, and assimilation. But isn’t the cloud meant to streamline processes?

With intelligence as your succeeded cloud provider, you achieve the full latent of the cloud. You stay completely stretchy and decide for yourself which tasks you want to grip internally. And you only pay for the facilities that you really need. With our many years of proficiency, we support you in every phase – from deliberate consulting and the cloud roadmap to application and data incorporation to long-term application and user provision.


Your Personalized SAP Security Check

Security vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access and system failures. Can you always guarantee that your SAP landscape is 100% protected? Take the safe option: We uncover potential risks and give you recommendations on how you can optimize your security measures.

Why We Are the Right Managed Cloud Service Provider for You

With us, it doesn’t make a difference whether you currently outsource your SAP solutions, whether you operate globally or locally, or whether your data is stored on virtualized or dedicated servers. Our experts ensure maximum availability and flexibility for your IT landscape and protect your business information from cyber attacks.

We are your first port of call when it comes to leveraging the enormous potential of SAP technologies. We support our customers with an unparalleled wealth of experience from countless successful projects around the world.

No matter what industry and which regions you operate in, we are with you every step of your journey into the digital future to ensure your long-term success. From analyzing and improving your business processes, to implementing the right systems, to maintaining your system landscape over many years.

As a long-standing SAP Global Hosting Partner and SAP Global Cloud Services Partner, we work with a wide range of SAP solutions. Our customer base comprises companies in all industries and of all sizes – from small and midsize German companies to large multinationals.

Business Value

Rapid adoption of innovations throughout the entire product