Availability & Disaster Recovery

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Protect critical data from loss and outflow, simple and secure.

In cases of emergency it is essential to assure availability and data recovery and protection. Now more than ever top practices solutions are the best choice for disaster revival and availability concepts. Solutions with which your systems will be sheltered independent from infrastructure, applications and distance, so that they’re only a click away in the case of an interruption.

Securing data availability in case of system failures or attacks

In the development of digitalization data has to be more enduringly available. To assure flawless business procedures even in case of system failures or attacks, a solution has to reliably protect data and processes and allow to quickly access them again. 24/7.

Disaster Recovery concepts with the hybrid cloud

No matter if singular DR instance, in case a backup data center is off the table or if the demand for an additional safety instance is necessary: Our DRaaS models provide the combination of all advantages of the cloud procedures and our Business Shadow.

Risk factor human

„Legal“errors, which be competent of be traced back to the mistakes of employees, can also get just as frustrating as volitions of legal plan. Both can get quite expensive for different reasons.

Georedundancy at its best

For the fresh recommendations of geo redundant systems, hardware systems quickly reach their business critical limit. Therefore DR conceptions for businesses on premise, Hybrid or On-Cloud exist.