SELECT simplifies the recruitment process for the organizations who want to recruit job seekers and this tool provides innovative hiring solutions to help recruiters recruit quality talent.We shortlist the jobseekers to the recruiters based on a structured and systematic approach, which is detailed, proactive and completely oriented. We understand our client requirements and follow-up with both the recruiters and the candidates till both parties get satisfied.


Companies often have a placement team where they need to search for the candidates, shortlist them and schedule an interview for them. We are here for you to free you up from all the redundant work. Just give the job order and we will take care of everything.
To meet the needs of the recruiter, we hunt the talent and run talent acquisition tests that are required for the candidates to ensure the best pick for recruiters. For Jobseekers: We also give the mock test series for the complete practice to build potential that are required for the particular job.
Complete pictorial report in form of bar charts and pie charts showing the number of selected candidates, interview held on weekly,monthly, yearly basis.
In addition to the very successful CV search, the tool also provides a state-of-the-art response management software, as part of its Job Advertisements, that helps recruiters zero down on the relevant applies in a matter of seconds. Our preprocessing procedure helps the recruiters to pick the best jobseekers with decent communication skills and the desired requirements. We will also Score candidates on the categories and skills that matter.
Using this service, you can even schedule events, create tasks, or send personalized emails when a status changes to both the parties i.e. the job seekers and the recruiters.
Video calling features enabled.
Recruiters have different processes before selecting any candidate, there are different stages where the jobseeker must pass to get the desired job. You can update on our tool till which stage the candidate has progressed to reflect your hiring process and allowing it to map on the bigger picture. You can also assign prerequisites to any status to ensure no step is missed in your hiring workflow.
Our keyword search scans through all candidate resumes. Our tool will highlight the matched search terms for you, making screening handy and comfortable.
Our tool helps you to filter specific fields to further narrow down your pool of candidates, jobs, companies, or contacts. All you need to do is just save your unique set of filters and call them up again instantly.
Email sending when status change occurs.