Green Leaf ?

The aim of checking data using Green Leaf is to retrieve usable and useful data. The analysis, irrespective of whether the data is qualitative or quantitative, may:


  • describe and summarise the data.
  • identify relationships between variables.
  • compare variables.
  • identify the difference between variables.
  • forecast outcomes.

Enhanced productivity and business gain are enabled by Green Leaf to define process by facilitating data analysis to attain conclusion about type of information they contain.

In Analytics, and Big Data vertical Canopus is always in-line with differnet and evolving technologies. It presents a customized open source BI suite designed gerund to customer needs featuring 24/7 support and its remarkable power of data analysis plays a vital role in building artificial intelligence.


Your business in making better decisions with relevant facts can be extended by Green Leaf technology practice of analytics. It delivers a complete BI suite such as ETL, Analysis, and Reporting. Improving Organization’s operations, and efficiency by identifying source of information existence are facilitated by a delineated process of Extraction Transformation, Analysis and Reporting provides data insight.

By exploring apt business direction and objectives resulting prediction of customer trends and behaviors, the product drives in effective decision-making. Data analysis is important to gather data across organization assisting to beat business assumptions and discovering unknown challenges.

It also allows detecting:

  • describe and summarise the data.
  • identify relationships between variables.
  • compare variables.
  • identify the difference between variables.
  • forecast outcomes.


Flexible IT Solution

  • Customized Service

  • Proactive Identification of Need

  • Excellent Decision Support

  • Optimized Cost

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Data Driven approach


The main important functionalities of Green leaf


E-Extract, T-Transform, and L-Load, three database functions combines to form one tool to pull information from one database and place it into a different database.

ETL is a vital part of present business intelligence (bi). It is the IT process from which data from various sources can assembled at a place to programmatically research and identify business insights.


It is the qualitative and quantitative methods and work flows utilised in enhancing productivity and business gain. Data is extracted and sorted out to identify and determine behavioural data, patterns, such that techniques might vary depending on organizational needs.

It also checks data analytically and statistically to find productive data and helps in making decisions in business.


Reporting is defined as organizing data into informational summaries in lieu of monitoring varios areas of a business performance.

Some Advantages of Green Leaf Reporting Module:

  • Reporting transforms raw analysed data to information insights
  • It depicts information on what is happening in the system without any ambiguity


Data analytics involves cleaning, building and transforming information with the aim of emphasizing helpful data. Data analytics software is used in various scenarios to aid companies make a better business decisions by using machine learning algorithms which recognizes unexplored patterns and set hidden relationships. Data analytics emphasise on generating a conclusion based on the data.