Canopus Auto Run

Canopus Auto Run is quick and reliable SAP monitiser which can analyze and manage the SAP system health checks. It provides automated testing for the SAP health checks when the tool is loaded in the server. It can also perform predictive and proactive monitoring, thus helping to prevent failures and saving your time and resources.

Canopus Auto Run (CAR) gives you full control of all of your SAP environments, whether they're on premise, cloud- or HANA-based. Without any disturbance to your online projects this tool takes care of your system’s health check and this tool doesn’t require any additional maintenance.


  • Real Time Monitoring

    Custom checks help you to independently work on your databases and frees you from dependence on CCMS or any other SAP tool. CAR can monitor whether you are running SAP on the OS or database. Our solution is built to allow constant, automated monitoring, saving you at least 80 percent of the hours you'd spend on daily checks. We've even included checks for technologies such as HANA and BOBJ.

  • Daily Automation

    How comfortable it is if the system auto performs its activity? Here CAR is providing the daily automation checks without any command from the user, the only thing the user needs to do is just schedule the time for health checks and forget it. Our tool will take care of everything. Our tool even helps in modification of your systems health checks and so you can define the monitoring capabilities of your daily checks in order to receive the proper reports.

  • Smart Notifications

    This tool not only checks the systems health check but also specifies which type of error demand what type of attention. Choose to receive notifications at certain levels of criticality or after a certain number of errors. The system also provides an escalation process if a notification isn't handled within a defined time period.

  • Effective Reporting

    Customised reports impress your boss, Right? So we are here for you. The only thing you need to do is install our tool in your server and rest is taken care of by our tool. You also can select the parameters you need in the report in seconds. You can even automate the reporting submission.

Land Scape management

  • Component Management

    Complex SAP landscapes with multiple systems are highly inconsistent to manage.Even if you miss just one system, it leads to improper testing, unreliable benchmarks and a nightmare for the support team. Our tool helps in easy identification of inconsistencies across a landscape by comparing all systems side by side.

  • One for all

    with the introduction of high availability, application servers and disaster recovery it’s level of management, compounds. A display of the entire environment of a single system gives you ease of mind about instance availability, resource allocation and component organization.

  • Automated inventory management

    CAR also provides information about the size of their landscape, the number of application servers, amount and type of databases. It provides a complete mapping of all your SAP landscape and inventory. Once installed the system automatically identify and map the server, database, 3rd party apps and even automatically applies the relevant monitors.