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A specialized firm providing SAP
Consultation Services
for over 120 customers.

Canopus-gbs provides comprehensive & technically advanced support in each of our core database practices. Our expert DBAs possess an average of 15 years of experience in database management and administration, thus ensuring your databases are safe, secure, and managed with the utmost level of care and expertise, specialized with on SAP Systems.

Canopus has the proved experience in delivering massive database migrations with very large landscapes of Global Companies, We are experts to handle online migrations with our unique and patented data migration process.

Canopus is an Expert Data Base Consulting Company that specializes in SAP,Analytics. SAP Platform Migrations and other SAP Life Cycle projects such as upgrades, Business Continuity (DR), Performance Optimization's, ILM, multi-layer tuning (App, Network, DB, HW, Storage), RCA and issue resolution for extremely tough problems in SAP environments. Having been Established in 2014 by Domain Experts.

Our Strategic Business Associates with SAP & IBM. SAP Online Migrations being our expertise we also offer consulting services for SAP Latest Products including HANA, HYBRIS, IBM Advanced Analytics, SAP on DB2 & Mobile first.

We are constructing Innovative Solutions.

We have constructed a robust team, which is capable of transporting the best quality of facilities when it comes to website design, Website development, mobile application, content, and digital marketing.

Our Vision : To become the most innovative, customer-centric solution provider in the field of IT Consulting.

Our Mission

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  • Improve and Enhance the level of service delivered to our customers, by supporting with competent resources.
  • Build a relationship that facilitates mutual growth and respect to each other.
  • Honouring compliances on time, every time.
  • Maximizing the value of the venture.
  • To be a well-recognized brand and a preferred employer to work with by providing financial stability.
  • Establishing benchmarks and improving the standards of IT services to customer.
  • Creating equal opportunities for career progression.
  • Establishing principles to adhere to good ethical and moral conduct at work.
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